5 Things to Know if You Are Moving to Maine

1.     If you are purchasing a home (or vacation cabin), Maine’s laws on right-of-way easements can be crucial if you are on a private road, or have access to water (or others have access across your land).  This article on right-of-way easements in Maine provides an in-depth review of the different types of easement, how they are created and can be terminated.

2.    Planning on exploring Maine’s vast areas of forests? Much of Maine is in private hands, but most are generally open to the public for recreational purpose.  Property owners are protected from liability if someone is injured on their land by the Recreational Use Statute.  The law has lead to thousands of acres of Maine be available biking, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, skiing, fishing and camping (among other things).

3.   Maine has 3,478 miles of coastline!  While much of this land is in private hands, there are hundreds of places to go to enjoy the beautiful coastline. Here are two key resources for discovering great places to access the coast.

4.   You can find property deeds online for almost all private property in the state.  Each county has it’s own Registry of Deeds, and most have deeds going back at least several decades available through their website. The registers also have surveys and plans available for download.  Most offer a limited number of documents for free.  Find the websites at the Maine Registers of Deeds Association.

5.    Much of Maine’s land is protected from development, but often open to use, thanks to the many Land Trusts throughout the state.  Many of the Land Trusts have created and maintain a large network of trails through these areas, and free maps and guides are available.  View Maine Land Trust Index.